Short break to Wales: Pembrokeshire Coast


I’m back! The last few years have been full of travels and memories and I’ve been itching to share them so here I am again…my little diary of adventures.

For the first time, we decided to spend Christmas away from home. I had never been to Wales and wanted to get away from the city so we packed a car full of food (typical for our family 😅) and headed west.

On our first day, luck was not on our side, but with bags full of energy (turned out it was just me…) we braced the rain and the cold and walked along the Pembrokeshire Coast.

Tip: If it’s raining and you want to be outside/go for a walk, wear the full gear…(waterproof, hat, scarf, gloves) and pack a towel and dry clothes in the car. The wind on the coast is pretty brutal.

We made friends along the way 🐑 but the pelting rain cut our walk short. Turns out it’s pretty cold when you’re soaked through! Nonetheless, the cliffs and rock layers that we did see were stunning.

We made a spontaneous stop to Rook’s Bay on our way back to the cottage, which was well worth seeing. When the tide is low, the beach is expansive and would be great in the summer months. Dad had a great time collecting rocks (it’s true what they say about adults becoming children again…).

Little Haven Beach_26 copyLittle Haven Beach_75 copy

For Christmas Day, we stayed local. Since the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path runs all along the coast, we were spoilt for choice for walks. We did a short stroll from Abercastle and were rewarded with spectacular views of the cliffs.

Abercastle_94 copyAbercastle_40 copy

Let me know if you have any other recommendations for Wales – I’m sure I’ll be back one summer!

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