Apologies for my lack of posts! I’ve started training for my new job and been in New York for 5 weeks. It’s time for a food update! 😀  This city is food heaven! There’s so much choice here – it is so concentrated! There have been good and disappointing experiences.

Smorgasburg market on a Sunday:

2014-08-31 Smorgasburg Beef cucumber roti canai

Outer Borough ($8) for two beef wraps. The pastry was sooo good: flaky and soft, similar to roti canai. The beef was tender, and was garnished with a sweet hoisin-type sauce, and cilantro (note: not coriander here!).

2014-08-31 SmorgasburgMimi & Coco shrimp takoyaki 6 balls for $10. This was the first time I tried a takoyaki, so not sure how it’s supposed to taste. Personally, I found the batter too raw/soft. It was liberally doused in mayo (not very authentic), bonito flakes and takoyaki sauce.


2014-08-30 Sheng Wang-Wonton peel noodlesChinatown is the place to be for homecooked CHEAP eats! Where else can you get a filling bowl of noodles for only $5?! And they don’t add tax or expect a tip! However, you have to know what to order, otherwise it can be pretty disappointing. Like my Fuijanese wonton soup peel noodles from Sheng Wang. They had some good reviews for good noodles, but the peel noodles were undercooked and slightly hard, and there were only about 6 TINY wontons. They were literally marble sized, and who knows what kind of meat were in them…But I do want to go back to try their handpulled noodles.

Madison Square Eats:

2014-09-09 Asiadog, Red Hook Lobster Pound Maine lobster rollAt Madison Square Park, they have a food market on until October called Madison Square Eats, with around 10-15 vendors. We had a late night venture there after work. I love markets for their variety of offerings but the portions are pretty small. We tried two hotdogs from Asia Dog, which offer asian-fied hotdogs. We had one with mango pickle, peanuts and a chilidog (2 hotdogs for $9). The sausages were so thin, so it wasn’t very satisfying, and the mango pickle was a strange combination with the savoury sausage.

We also had a Red Hook Lobster Pound Maine lobster roll ($16), which was so good! Lobster is always expensive, but there was a generous amount of lobster in the roll. Again, one roll was not satisfying enough though! Maybe that’s just me and my big stomach…

Great Burrito (…not that great):

2014-09-05 20.28.55

2014-09-05 Best BurritoAfter a long day of training, nothing is more appealing than hearty Mexican food. We ordered a beef burrito ($10) and a mixed beef and pork enchilada ($11). I thought this was expensive for a tiny, basic shop on 23rd street, especially since the food was nothing to rave about. The burrito was packed with yellow rice, beef and beans, and covered in white sauce (which I still don’t understand…is it mayo?). The beef was dry, but the rice was cooked well and the chilli sauce was tasty. The enchilada was hearty, but again, the meat was dry and the taste was covered by the white sauce and beans. All in all, there are better and cheaper places for good Mexican food in NYC.

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